Anhui Huayuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd



Anhui Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a large pharmaceutical business enterprise, located in Taihe County, Anhui Province. The predecessor of the company is Taihe County pharmaceutical company, which was established in 1953. In the early 1990s, the enterprise was on the verge of bankruptcy due to its debt of over ten million yuan. After 1991, under the leadership of the new leading group, it has gradually embarked on a reversion road of seeking survival through rectification and promoting development by standardization.

At present, the company has 40 subsidiaries and tens of thousands of employees all over the country. With a modern warehouse of 200000 square meters, the daily inventory of drugs is worth 1.6 billion yuan. More than 60000 drugs of more than 4000 pharmaceutical manufacturers are distributed in the company, forming a business pattern of "buying the whole country and selling the whole country". The sales market is known as the "barometer" of the national pharmaceutical business. The company's sales volume has exceeded 10 billion yuan for 9 consecutive years, 24.6 billion yuan in 2015, and 220 million yuan in taxes, ranking the top 10 pharmaceutical commercial enterprises in China, the first in Anhui pharmaceutical business, and the first in Fuyang's top 100 enterprises. It has won the honorary titles of "China's key commercial circulation service enterprise", "outstanding contribution enterprise in the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up" and "China's top 100 innovation demonstration enterprises".

The rapid development of the company has led to the prosperity of many industries in Taihe County, such as finance, communication, transportation, hotels, catering and real estate. Tens of thousands of people are engaged in medicine and related industries, maintaining social stability and boosting the local economy. In recent years, the company has actively returned to the society and invested more than 30 million yuan in charity and public welfare undertakings.

In April 8, 2011, comrade Xi Jinping inspected Huayuan medicine in Anhui. He fully affirmed and highly valued the development of Huayuan medicine and its role in promoting the local economy.

The company implements the "five unified, one distribution" business management mode, to standardize the rescue of the city, the quality of the city, the integrity of the city, the service of the city, known as the "Taihe model". More than 2000 computers have been connected to the Internet for management. Five key points have been strictly controlled, including drug purchase, acceptance, storage and maintenance, outbound review and external sales. A strict quality firewall has been built to ensure the quality of drugs and ensure the drug safety of the people.

In recent years, the company has implemented the strategy of "simultaneous development of industry and commerce, two wheel drive", relying on its commercial advantages, vigorously develops the pharmaceutical industry. Four pharmaceutical enterprises, including Shanghai Huayuan Anhui Renji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ningxia shasai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Anhui Jinhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Anhui Guangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., have more than 200 varieties of large volume injection, freeze-dried powder injection, solid preparation, tablets, granules, pills, etc., nearly 300 Specifications, reliable product quality, best-selling throughout the country.

The company also vigorously develops platform economy, focusing on building logistics, exhibition, e-commerce, health care products sales, medical equipment, milk powder and other platforms.

Logistics platform. In recent years, it has invested more than 600 million yuan to build Huayuan Pharmaceutical Logistics Park, integrating more than 100 logistics resources, establishing Huayuan logistics company with more than 2000 freight vehicles. It has become a modern logistics platform based on Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui provinces and covering the whole country through network. Huayuan logistics has been rated as "AAAA level logistics enterprise" and "five-star logistics enterprise in Anhui Province". Huayuan Pharmaceutical Logistics Park was approved by Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission as a provincial service industry cluster.

Exhibition platform. Since 2008, the company has successively held nine sessions of Chinese medicine fair in Taihe County, each session has more than 2000 manufacturers to arrange exhibitions, and the flow of people in the exhibition area is more than 100000 person times, which improves the brand image of local and enterprise, gathers business popularity and stimulates consumption. The Chinese Medicine Association has become a major brand event in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

E-commerce platform. With tens of thousands of members and millions of hits per day, Huayuan Pharmaceutical website has become one of the major pharmaceutical portal websites and information platforms in China. The company's online marketing center launched the "entrepreneur model" to build an online trading platform. At present, the "entrepreneur model" has covered more than 1000 counties and districts in China, with an annual online sales volume of more than 1 billion yuan.

Health products, Chinese medicine pieces, medical equipment, milk powder platform. Huayuan logistics park has 18000 square meters of health care products exhibition hall, which has attracted more than 200 health care products business enterprises to settle in. The annual sales volume of health care products is more than 3 billion yuan, which has become one of the largest health care products markets in China. The company has also built a platform for Chinese herbal pieces, medical equipment and milk powder to cultivate new economic growth points.

In order to speed up the pace of foreign expansion, the company has successively held more than 20 commercial companies in Ningxia, Qinghai, Yunnan, Hunan and other provinces. The company has also vigorously carried out hospital pharmacy trusteeship work, and has entrusted more than 200 hospital pharmacies. It has entered the medical field, holding Jinzhai County traditional Chinese medicine hospital and Shandong city rehabilitation hospital.

In a period of time to come, the company will conscientiously implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, take the scientific outlook on development as the guidance, further expand the business scale, strengthen the industrial sector, activate the platform economy, and improve the health industry. Gradually, the company will gradually form a multi platform logistics, e-commerce, convention and exhibition, and health care products sales platform The supported pharmaceutical industry chain has made positive contributions to the people's health and local economic development.